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A bit of fun... What is it?



We came across this valve in an unmarked box.  There are no markings on the valve, we are not sure what it is!  If anyone has any ideas, post below.  If anyone is able to help us identify it then we'll give you a credit to spend at our online shop as a thank-you!

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Museum pieces: EBL1

Philips EBL1


Pair of mint condition Philips EBL1 from 1941.  Both valves bear the code K611-AIF.  Double diode audio output pentode, with CT8 side contact base.

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Museum pieces: Osram L30

L30 Made by Osram for the General Electric Company Ltd. of England


Originally made in 1938, this mint tube is the actual sample supplied to the BBC research department on 30th June 1939.




The L30 was approved 19th July 1939 and given the serial number 482202.  Here are the test results;



We still have the orignal blue and gold box, which is in good condition despite its' age.

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Museum pieces: EL60

The EL60 is the true forerunner of the iconic EL34.


This tube was approved and placed in the Philips museum at Mullard in Blackburn and still has the entry code of Sept '50, the code on the base reads 57 M91.



Believed to have been made by Philips in Eindhoven. The valve itself has rounded anode plates, square micas with ceramic insulators. The structure is connected directly to the base and has radiators at the top and bottom of the tube (four in total).  The major difference between the EL60 and the EL34 is the B9G base


We'll get some more photos posted shortly.

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